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Free download Opus Magnum for PC from the direct download link from ocean of game.

Opus Magnum Game Overview

Opus Magnum is a puzzle-based programming amusement created by Zachtronics. It was discharged for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS in December 2017, after around two months of early access. In the amusement, the player must amass a machine utilizing different apparatuses and program those devices to finish speculative chemistry related undertakings. The player can deliver any working answer for every issue, except is tested through leaderboards to create a machice that does the assignment in the most limited time, with the least cost of materials, and additionally the littlest involved zone. It depended on The Codex of Alchemical Engineering, one of the most punctual Flash recreations made by Zach Barth before setting up Zachtronics.

opus magnum free download for pc

Opus Magnum has the player play the part of a chemist to make required items by controlling molecules of base speculative chemistry components (the great components and additionally base metals) through a gadget they build inside a transmutation motor. The motor is spoken to as a hex matrix which the player orchestrates different control apparatuses and transmutation spaces on. Controllers are mechanical arms that turn around a turn point, get and drop iotas, and pivot structures it as of now has gotten, with discretionary variations that can expand and withdraw the arm, and additionally go along a track way. Transmutation spaces can make a bond, devastate a bond, change a fundamental component into “salt”, or overhaul base metals into higher ones utilizing mercury. Control parts have a cost to them, however the player isn’t restricted to an aggregate number of control components, cost, or space the gadget takes up in creating their answer.

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Free download Opus Magnum for PC from the below link


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